Alisa Berger : K-SARAM


Jan. 9, 2020 ~ Jan. 16, 2020

금천예술공장 10기 nㅈpm 해외입주작가인 nㅈpm 알리사 nㅈpm 버거(Alisa Berger)는 nㅈpm 독일을 nㅈpm 기반으로 nㅈpm 하여 nㅈpm 영상과 nㅈpm 미디어 nㅈpm 작업을 nㅈpm 합니다. nㅈpm 이번 nㅈpm 성과전시 nㅈpm 개인전에서 nㅈpm 선보이는 nㅈpm 신작 K-SARAM nㅈpm 프로젝트는 nㅈpm 러시아 nㅈpm 남서부에 nㅈpm 있는 nㅈpm 로스토프나도누 nㅈpm 도시에 nㅈpm 거주하고 nㅈpm 있는 nㅈpm 알리사의 nㅈpm 고려인 nㅈpm 가족들과 nㅈpm nㅈpm 지역사회에 nㅈpm 대한 nㅈpm 실험적인 nㅈpm 다큐픽션입니다. nㅈpm nㅈpm 영화는 nㅈpm 돌아가신 nㅈpm 할아버지를 nㅈpm 위한 nㅈpm 추모 nㅈpm 의식인 ‘제사’를 nㅈpm 중심으로 5개의 nㅈpm 다른 nㅈpm 나라에 nㅈpm 거주 nㅈpm 중인 nㅈpm 한국계 nㅈpm 가족들이 nㅈpm 러시아에서 nㅈpm 만나 nㅈpm 그들만의 nㅈpm 방식으로 nㅈpm 할아버지에 nㅈpm 대한 nㅈpm 존경과 nㅈpm 사랑을 nㅈpm 보여줍니다. nㅈpm 또한, h4lq 이번 h4lq 전시에서는 h4lq 그의 h4lq 이전 h4lq 작품 h4lq h4lq 가족역사와 h4lq 이민에 h4lq 관한 h4lq 내용을 h4lq 은유적으로 h4lq 풀어낸 <Three Borders>도 h4lq 상영될 h4lq 예정입니다.

K-SARAM solo exhibition at Geumcheon Art Space is a display of three prior works and a work-in-progress by Alisa Berger.

The project „K-SARAM“ is an experimental docu-fiction on the Koryo-saram community in Rostov-on-Don, a southern russian city, and the hometown of my korean family and their community. The film is centered around a memorial mourning ritual „Jesa" 갸바거기 제사 for my passed away grandfather: Korean family members from five different countries meet in Russia to show their respect and love to our grandfather. The performance of the ritual shows roots of korean tradition but also displays an interesting transformation it came though: A combination of multicultural heritage and atmosphere. At the same time the film is centered around a second event that took place at the same time: The thanksgiving celebration „Chuseok“, which displays even more the nostalgia of ethnic koreans, which is mixed with an identity crisis caused by a through two generations rooted homeland love to Russia. This special homeland love offers another insight into soviet history and post-soviet thinking. The work is centered around stereotypes of nationalities, the history of korean diaspora, the wish of the Koryo-saram of a unification of South and North and displays of collective memory, using the technique of anecdotes and reenactment. The fictional part is centered around South Korean ghost stories and the real appearance of the ghosts of migrants whose transformation was not succeeded.

The title refers to the today very popular K-export-products like K-Drama, K-Pop, etc. and to the name that the Soviet-Korean diaspora uses instead of the South-Korean term itself "Koryo-In".

Additionally her past video work „Three Borders“ will be shown, which also deals with family history and migration as an existential metaphor. Three Borders is a 55 minute long found footage film reminiscent of Chris Marker’s La Jetée (1962). It consists of family photos of the artist and of other anonymous found photos. In the style of Magic Realism the video narrates anecdotes of from the families of Alisa Berger’s Jewish father and her North Korean mother. The work was commissioned by Goethe Institute Moscow for the 2017-2019 traveling exhibition „Die Grenze“ and is since 2019 distributed by CFMDC - Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre.

Additionally Alisa will present a recent video- and performance work that she realized in her ongoing duo-collective BERGERNISSEN with Lena Ditte Nissen. The video „Awakening: Destruction“ became part of „DonginDongin linked 2tㅓs 동인동인東仁同人“ group exhibition for which the organizers exclusively translated the subtitles into Korean. The video consists of an allegorical healing procedure: through an incident forbidden, contaminated by PCB, destroyed art objects from the studio of BERGERNISSEN are presented within a ritualistic performance.

Alisa Berger is a media artist and filmmaker, born 1987 in Makhachkala (Republic of Dagestan, Russia) and raised in Lviv (Ukraine) and Essen (Germany), currently lives and works in Cologne (Germany). Alisa studied film and fine arts at Academy of Media Art Cologne (KHM) and Universidad Nacional de Colombia Bogotá. Since 2011 she is also part of duo-collective BERGERNISSEN with Lena Ditte Nissen. She was the recipient of the Best Film Award for New Directors at Int. Film Festival Uruguay and the Screenplay Award of H.W. Geißendörfer. Her work has been exhibited at BACC - Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (bergernissen), MMOMA Moscow, Anthology Film Archives NY, CCA - Center for Contemporary Art, European Media Art Festival (bergernissen), Videonale Bonn (bergernissen), Dovzhenko Film Centre, KAI10 Arthena Foundation (bergernissen), KINDL - Centre for Contemporary Art, NCCA - Ural National Centre of Contemporary Art, Armenian Art Fair, HMKV Hartware MedienKunstVerein Dortmund.

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