리즈 매직 레이저 개인전 Liz Magic Laser

Various Small Fires Seoul

Feb. 1, 2020 ~ March 28, 2020

베리어스 fiay 스몰 fiay 파이어스 (Various Small Fires) fiay 갤러리는 fiay 리즈 fiay 매직 fiay 레이저의 fiay 아시아 fiay fiay 번째 fiay 개인전을 fiay 개최한다. fiay 리즈 fiay 매직 fiay 레이저 (1981년 fiay 뉴욕 fiay 태생)는 fiay 뉴욕에 fiay 기반을 fiay fiay 멀티미디어 fiay 비디오 fiay fiay 퍼포먼스 fiay 예술가이다. fiay 레이저는 fiay 배우, 0ㅓ가8 외과 0ㅓ가8 의사, 자다7y 정치 자다7y 전략가, sl파u 오토바이 sl파u 갱단과 sl파u 같이 sl파u 작업하는데, 2다다f 이들과 2다다f 함께 2다다f 은행, e6거a 영화관 e6거a e6거a 뉴스룸과 e6거a 같은 e6거a e6거a 공공 e6거a 장소에 e6거a 개입한다. e6거a 그녀의 e6거a 최근 e6거a 연구는 e6거a 기업 e6거a 문화와 e6거a 정치 e6거a 운동 e6거a 모두에서 e6거a 새로운 e6거a 시대 e6거a 기술과 e6거a 심리적 e6거a 방법의 e6거a 효과를 e6거a 탐구하는 e6거a 것이다. e6거a 레이저의 e6거a 작품들은 e6거a 독일 e6거a 쿤스트할레 e6거a 바덴 (2019); e6거a 파리 e6거a 퐁피두 e6거a 센터 (2018); e6거a 뉴욕 e6거a 메트로 e6거a 픽쳐스 (2018); e6거a 스웨덴 e6거a 말뫼 e6거a 콘스탈 (2017); e6거a 뉴욕 e6거a 스위스 e6거a 인스티튜트 (2016); e6거a 뉴욕 e6거a 휘트니 e6거a 미술관 (2015); e6거a 백남준 e6거a 아트센터 (2014); e6거a 런던 e6거a 리손 e6거a 갤러리 (2013); e6거a 뉴욕의 e6거a 퍼포마 11 (2011); e6거a 뉴욕 MoMA PS1 (2010) e6거a 등에서 e6거a 전시했다. e6거a 레이저는 e6거a 프랑스 CAC e6거a 브리타니 (2017); e6거a 스코틀랜드 e6거a 주피터 e6거a 아트랜드 e6거a 재단 (2017); e6거a 독일 e6거a 쿤스트베어라인 e6거a 괴팅겐 (2016); e6거a 토론토 e6거a 메르셀 e6거a 유니온 (2015); e6거a 네덜란드 e6거a 로테르담 e6거a 빌프라이드 e6거a 렌츠 (2015); VSF e6거a 로스앤젤레스 (2015); e6거a 뉴욕 e6거a 폴라 e6거a 쿠퍼 e6거a 갤러리 (2013); e6거a 독일 e6거a 뮌스터 e6거a 베스트팔렌 e6거a 쿤스트베어라인 (2013); e6거a 스웨덴 e6거a 말뫼 e6거a 콘스탈 (2012) e6거a 등에서 e6거a 개인전을 e6거a 개최했다. e6거a 레이저의 e6거a 작업은 e6거a 미국 e6거a 휘트니 e6거a 미술관, 걷zvn 스미스소니언 걷zvn 미술관 걷zvn 그리고 걷zvn 샌디에고 걷zvn 현대미술관 걷zvn 소장품에 걷zvn 속해있다.

레이저는 걷zvn 미국 걷zvn 뉴욕에서 걷zvn 작업하며 걷zvn 거주하고 걷zvn 있다. 걷zvn 걷zvn 전시는 VSF와 걷zvn 함께하는 걷zvn 걷zvn 번째 걷zvn 전시이다.

Various Small Fires is pleased to present Liz Magic Laser’s first solo exhibition in Asia. As a traveling presentation from Laser’s most recent exhibition at VSF Los Angeles, this debut presentation in Seoul introduces both the artist’s earlier work Mine (2009) and latest institutional project Handle / Poignée (2018), which was commissioned by Centre Pompidou for MOVE Festival in Paris. The exhibition examines the techno-utopian logic of the scientifically managed self and the sociality that hyper-productivity forges.

Presented through the window, the video Mine displays assiduous robotic hands delving, pinching, snipping, and suturing through the contents of her purse: identity cards, dollar bills and makeup. Upon witnessing a friend’s distress over a stolen purse, Laser equated the incident as a loss of identity and began exploring concerns associated with personal identity and surveillance in modern society. Laser worked with a professional surgeon to direct the da Vinci Surgical System robot to perform a series of surgical maneuvers on her purse. The invasive procedures both expose and destroy her personal belongings, leaving a disorganized pile that recalls an abstract expressionist assemblage. Serving as a self-portrait that reduces individual identity to its paraphernalia, the jumble of destroyed items exhibits the invasion of privacy and personal autonomy.

Handle / Poignée is a performance and video installation imagining a consulting firm for analyzing and rehabilitating relations between liberals and conservatives. The interactive piece offers a personality test and treatment center where the public learns therapeutic movement for their political-personality type. Laser’s “Movement Consultants” guide viewers through therapeutic choreographies developed to empower four archetypes: the disciplinary parent, the nurturing parent, the rebellious child, and the obedient child, loosely drawn from George Lakoff’s book Moral Politics: How Liberals and Conservatives Think (1996). The consultants inhabit a colorful Venn diagram stage that symbolizes the overlapping spheres of home, work, and politics in Laser’s political cosmology. This piece is informed by the corporate consulting firm Insights Discovery, which offers a Jungian personality test to categorize workers into four psychometric “color energies” that facilitate seamless communication for an efficient workplace. The choreographies were developed with dancers and movement therapists specialized in Body-Mind Centering and shamanic dance practices. Laser’s somatic diagnostics refer to specific political moments such as Trump and Macron’s prolonged handshake (Paris, 2018). The live interactive iteration of Handle / Poignée was staged daily in the lobby of the Centre Pompidou, where museum-goers took Laser’s “personality test” and participated in movement therapy treatments.

Liz Magic Laser (b. 1981, New York) is a multimedia video and performance based artist from New York City. Her work intervenes in semi-public spaces such as bank vestibules, movie theaters and newsrooms, involving collaborations with actors, surgeons, political strategists and motorcycle gang members. Her recent work explores the efficacy of new age techniques and psychological methods active in both corporate culture and political movements. Laser’s work has been shown at venues such as Kunsthalle Baden- Baden (2019); Centre Pompidou, Paris (2018); Metro Pictures, New York (2018) Malmö Konsthall, Sweden (2017); the Swiss Institute (2016); the Whitney Museum of American Art (2015); Nam June Paik Art Center, South Korea (2014); Lisson Gallery, London (2013); Performa 11 Biennial, New York (2011); and MoMA PS1, New York (2010). She has had solo exhibitions at CAC Brétigny, France (2017); Jupiter Artland Foundation, Scotland (2017); Kunstverein Göttingen, Germany (2016); Mercer Union, Toronto (2015); Wilfried Lentz, Rotterdam, Netherlands (2015); Paula Cooper Gallery, New York (2013) the Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster, Germany (2013); and Mälmo Konsthall, Malmö, Sweden (2012) among other places. The artist’s work is in the permanent collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Museum, and Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. Liz Magic Laser lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

This is the artist’s fourth exhibition with Various Small Fires.

출처: Various Small Fires

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